Our vision for this concept was conceived from passionate relationship with fashion and design. We are in awe of the constant evolution with which fashion and design move through our lives, stimulating our world with its new form, colors, textures, and images in it’s endeavor to harmonise our environment and lifestyle.

Millions share a passionate appreciation for the art and beauty of fashion and design and therefore to expedite the process of desire and attainment, it is our duty to combine knowledge of business and technology to bring the Malaysia designers and consumers world wide together. We recognize the abundance of artistic talent in our country, the innovative entrepreneurs and inventors, the courage and determination of our sports people and adventures and the uniqueness, and diversity of our Malay culture.

It is in support of those amongst us who get out there and do it, who succeed against the odds and who give this country the spirit it has, that we intend to make a difference in an exciting, vibrant and growing industry in Malaysia.


  • In September 1990, I set up my label Lucky Nobel fashion. My vision was to provide clothes that give better look and unique dress up.

When a customer described my collection “Something Special Fashion”, I began to feel I was succeeding.

  • In December 1994, I registered with the name of “Seherish Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd”.
  • “Seherish Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd” formerly known as

“Lucky Noble Fashion” started its journey with a batch of Punjabi Suits back in 1990 with a vision of setting new standers of quality and fashion. During those days Punjabi Suits and other north Indian outfits were not so famous in Malaysia, we created and introduces a whole new concept of modern Indian wear, which gradually become so popular in Malaysia that

 We got a lot of appreciations from every one now as we can see the whole taste is changed, people from all walks of life are using our dresses as

Casual and as well as formal dressing for special occasions like festivals, wedding, farewell etc.

A lot of our customers and other people in same field recall the name of “Lucky Noble Fashion” as the pioneers.

  • “Seherish Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd has achieved and always maintained its name in this ever changing the most dynamic, what we call the world of fashion, but one can wonder that what exactly this fashion or world of fashion is???…………….. .

Yeah it means that you move ahead of others by creating new designs, introducing new styles, having more colors that rainbow or to design some thing that one can’t even think of. This is what “Seherish Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd” has done and maintained.

  • “Seherish Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd flourished, covered many milestones by setting more than four outlets in Malaysia. Now from past two years according to the wishes of our Malay customers

“Seherish Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd stepped in a new era and started to design exclusive Scarves (Tudung) and Shawls (Selendang) because from the last decade our creations and collections are not only admired by Indian but also other ethnic communities in Malaysia.